Good morning,
I write You, because I'm looking for a translation-software from German into the Berber-language (or the Tarifith-language, or the Tamazight-language) with (very important!) audio-version.   That is: I would like to write sentences in German and have them then translated and spoken and pronounced in the Berber-language, or in the Tarifith-language or in the Tamazight-language. Would it be possible? Has Your software got such a possibility?
Or could You otherwise give me anyway a suggestion, where I could find such a software that would be so important for me?
Here an important information about me: I am a young woman, I was born in Morocco, but since I was a child I have always lived in Germany.Because of a serious illness I had when I was a child, I have now got a great difficulty in speaking and therefore I am forced to communicate exclusively by computer using a special software. The problem is that with the software I have I can only translate sentences from German into English and then have the sentences spoken and pronounced in only those two languages.
A software which could give me the possibility to translate sentences from German into the Berber-language, or into the Tarifith-language or in into the Tamazight-language, and at the same time to have the sentences also spoken and pronounced in those languages, would enable me to easily communicate with my family and all my relatives in Morocco.
I thank You very much in advance for Your attention and wait for Your gentle answer.

More information about me in the following personal Homepages of mine:

www. talker-hilfe.de

www. talker-hilfe-uk.de

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