Augmentative and Alternative Communication


In the following lines I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Fikria and I am 29 years old. Since, due to a severe illness that occurred to me when I was a child, I am myself not able to speak, I normally use a special computerized device in order to communicate: the so called “Talker”.



It helps me very much in communicating to other people and I can say I can use it very fluently. At the moment I work in a firm for people with a handicap, but privately I am very interested in the topic “Augmentative and Alternative Communication”. I’ve been elaborating myself a lot of specific materials and didactic sheets, which I could imagine I could use as aids in training courses for people needing to learn how to correctly use the “Talker”.





Students could learn with me lots of possibilities of communicating by directly and actively using the computerized devices such as the “Talker”. Moreover, individualized teaching is according to me very important: to discuss and find out first of all the real communicative needs of every single student is of great importance, because every person has special individual interests and needs.




What I would like very much would be to have the possibility – as a volunteer no profit activity - of giving lessons in a school, or of working for a counselling service concerning Augmentative Communication with devices like:







Go Talker

interactive desktops

or other “Talker” devices.


I can say I am fairly acquainted with and very skilful in using Augmentative Communication devices, since I myself have been using a “Power Talker” for a long time now, and use it every day, and therefore I think I could give both lessons in schools and private training lessons.


But I would also like to have the possibility to show people who - for professional or private reasons - are in contact with a person with a severe handicap in speaking (teachers, therapeutists, parents, etc.), how the various devices work and which possibilities they offer, as well as I would like very much to held conferences about possible Augmentative and Alternative Communication.



I also followed myself a qualifying course as consultant - sustaining with success a final exam - and therefore I could imagine I would be able (using the German language) to held presentations, training courses or offer counselling in universities in North Rhine - Westphalia or other German regions.

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